Parent Leadership Training Institute

PLTI NOLA 2013 Class Video from Orleans Public Education Network on Vimeo.

The Parent Leadership Training Institute trains, inspires and empowers parents to become effective advocates for children. PLTI is a statewide initiative created to improve the lifelong health, safety and learning of children by helping you develop the leadership skills to make real change – in schools, communities and state and local governments. Through PLTI’s adult learning experiences, you explore your passions, strengths, beliefs and ideas. You’ll then work to develop interpersonal and public communications skills, as well as deepening your understanding of government, media and civic relations.
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What is the Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI)?:
  • A 20-week initiative for adults concerned with the future of our children and families
  • A civic leadership initiative
  • A public-private community partnership
  • A training ground in civics and democracy
  • PLTI teaches parents how to become change agents for the next generation.

    Mission Statement: The Parent Leadership Training Institute enables parents to become advocates for children and communities. Parents’ opinions often go unheard. These community members may have the motivation and will to effect change, but not the advocacy skills to know where to begin. PLTI teaches parents who wish to improve children’s lifelong health, safety and education how to become practiced change agents for the next generation. Parents define the curriculum and participate in its evaluation and outcomes. Family supports, such as child care and dinners, are included. Each class of parents mentors the next class, creating a pyramid effect of community caring and developing a coalition of parent leaders.
    Rationale: Through practical advocacy instruction, media training, and hands-on community projects, parents are empowered effect change in their local schools, communities, and governments. The Institute also works with programs and initiatives to facilitate attitudinal change towards parents, and to help design systems reform to allow for for significant parental involvement.
    General Program and Purpose: The PLTI program is a two-generation strategy to bolster parental involvement while promoting children’s issues. The program integrates child development leadership and democracy skills into a parent-friendly curriculum. Participants attend a 20-week program consisting of one three-hour session per week. The application process is competitive, and the participants are selected on the basis of their commitment and passion for their community. Family supports such as child care, meals and transportation are provided.
    Parents are offered three steps of training built on
    interactive adult learning practices:
  • A retreat to develop group and define mission
  • A l0-week course on parent leadership
  • A 10-week civics program with a corresponding community project.
  • How can you get involved?
    For More Information or to Apply: Download the Brochure
    Download the Application

    The training is offered at no cost to you; your contribution is your time and commitment. If interested please complete the application by September 25, 2015, and email it to or mail to the Orleans Public Education Network (OPEN) at 3321 Tulane Ave., New Orleans, LA 70119. An interview will be conducted with each applicant.

    Funding for PLTI NOLA generously provided by:greater NO foundation-69331
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